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Meet Our Professional Instructors


Kathy Carlisle

Kathy Carlisle, Realtor, has been teaching real estate classes for three years. Kathy enjoys teaching real estate and loves that agents can relate to her own real estate experiences. Her classes are fun and fast paced.


Sharon Yeary

Sharon was an Instructor for American Airlines for 15 years which helped enhance her Real Estate Instructor Sills. She has been in Real Estate since 1999 and a Broker since 2001 with offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston Areas. Sharon lives in Katy, Texas with her husband, Gary and actually right next door to her Daughter and her family. Her son and his family live in Seattle and she travels to see them often.

For Sharon there is no greater reward than to help a Realtor succeed! She loves to see the "Spark" in their eyes when they understand what is being taught. Her passion is teaching and helping others to reach their goals!


Mike Harol

Mr. Harol has over 30 years of experience in environmental assessment, investigation, remediation, and regulatory agency coordination. Mr. Harol founded Geotech Environmental, Inc (GEI) in 1990. GEI is a licensed corrective active specialist, TCEQ UST removal contractor, and geoscience firm based out of Houston, TX. Mike is a licensed UST removal supervisor, TCEQ corrective action project manager, and environmental professional who was a member of the task group responsible for revising the E1527 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessment-Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process. Mr. Harol spends much of his time when not conducting environmental assessments developing environmentally-centric geospatial software such as and the HomePhase I app. 

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Mike Taylor

(KJS Inspections)

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Damian Power

(Motto Mortgage First Choice)

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Jim Inzer

 (Annie-Mac Home Mortgage)


Rollyn Yost

Rollyn Yost, Broker, has been teaching real estate classes since 1996. Rollyn takes pride in being up-to-date and knowledgeable regarding Texas and TREC regulations on all things relative to the purchase or sale of property in Texas. Her classes are extremely thorough and rewarding for the agents.

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